Sunday, February 21, 2016

Aion Gold, Buy Aion Gold

Aion is a fantasy MMORPG released by NCSoft. The game is vast, vivid, dark, and incredibly fun. Unlike most other fantasy games, Aion offers air combat in addition to traditionally based PvP and PvE ground combat.

As the game consists of many areas to explore, many adventures to undertake, and many items to acquire, the demand for Aion Gold is also great. Since its release in the US, Europe, and Asia, a number of gold merchants have begun offering the opportunity for players to buy Aion Gold. This is of great benefit to players, as it allows them to acquire end game content and items relatively quicker.

Raids are also a common part of the day to day life of Aion, and a lot of Aion Gold is needed to participate in high levels raids; as expensive weaponry, armor, and skills, are required. There are also a number of professions that players can use, ranging from the base fighting professions, right through to the recreative professions which include cooking, alchemy (the early form of pre-chemistry), sewing, smithing (of both armor and weapons), and of course, handiwork. All of these professions require vast amounts of Aion Gold and resources to level up in, and therefore the need for Aion gold for these types of professions is necessary.

Some players enjoy buying Aion Gold as it allows them to also recruit NPC’s to help protect their Legion’s castles (a Legion is equivelant to a Guild or Clan in other games). Others will use Aion Gold for more cosmetic appearances.

Aion has a unique PvP system whereby players fight for control of castles, and may launch sieges against one another whilst gaining PvP “points” (known as Abyss). Abyss can be used for a number of things, including increasing the player’s reputation. If a player becomes truly powerful, he will grow different varieties of “wings”, which will demonstrate his abilities. Of course, if one were to buy Aion Gold, this would help exacerbate the whole process of levelling up and gaining such iconic things.

Another thing which separates Aion from many other games is its unique character customization. Changing things such as hair, height, and various facial textures and colors are all possible in Aion, allowing you to give your character its own unique look and persona. You can then use Aion gold to buy special custom items which will make your avatar look like “one of a kind”.

Aion has many other features, many of which are too numerous to explain here, however skill chains, competitive PvP, and many other things, are all possible in Aion.

In short, if you want to achieve high status in Aion, then you will need to look into buying Aion Gold. By possessing vast sums of Aion gold, you’ll be respected by fellow gamers, you’ll be more likely to be invited into the best Legion’s due to your equipment, and people will more likely than not fear you when it comes to PvP combat.

Buy Guild Wars Gold To Increase Character Status

 Many people often wonder what point there is to buy Guild Wars gold. All the armor in the game is the same (at the upper levels), and all you’re really paying for with elite armor sets are cosmetic differences. So, why would people spend so much money to buy Guild Wars Gold? The answer to this question, is of course: Charater Status.

By demonstrating to other players that your character is better looking, richer, and has played the game longer, you’ll be more likely to be accepted in the top guilds, and be admired by other players. So as you can see, it’s not such a bad idea to buy guild wars gold, particularly if this gold can be used to acquire fame within the game.

Imagine you’re walking in the Random Arena, or the Temple of Balthazar, with a full set of Obsidian armor. People are going to be commenting on you, and giving you compliments. After all, isn’t that the reason that you level your character up in the first place? To become more powerful, and respected? By acquiring good looking armor, people will see that you’re a good player, and they’d never suspect that you buy Guild Wars gold, even though you might.

Another advantage of buying gold in Guild wars is the fact that you can use it to pay people to help you acquire new titles. Let’s say you wanted to go after the “Legendary Survivor” title. Wouldn’t it be handy to pay someone a large sum of gold and have them do all the “grind” work for you, whilst you’re afk? Of course it would, and such things are just one of many examples of the huge advantage of buying Guild Wars gold.

Another, less talked about advantage, is weaponry. Sure, in PvP game like Animal Jam which you can get bunch of diamonds and gems with animal jam codes, you can just create a brand new Level 20 Character with all of the best gear, but obtaining the same sort of items in PvE takes a lot of time. Many of the golden items with perfect stats are hard to come by, and are expensive, and hence you may need to buy Guild Wars gold in order to afford these prestigous items.

So, it’s not just about “looking good”, it’s also about status in itself. The top guilds will not pay you any attention if you haven’t got the best gear, or the best PvP titles. What better way to have someone powerlevel your PvP titles than by paying them some gold? If you haven’t got the gold, then of course buying it may be the only option. Guild Wars is a competitive game, and if you can’t prove yourself, odds are people aren’t going to select you for their teams.

Hopefully this article has explained to you some of the important aspects as to why you should buy Guild Wars gold. Remember, that with gold and power, comes responsibility. You should always invest your gold wisely, and only purchase items which you believe will help you for the long term.